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Ending Wage Garnishment For Financial Relief

Attempting to make ends meet and stay current on financial obligations can be difficult for anyone in these trying economic times. When your paychecks are being garnished as a result of a judgment against you, it can become nearly impossible. Fortunately, with the guidance of a Lincoln wage garnishment attorney, you may be able to end garnishment and find the relief from debt that you need to return to a strong financial path.

At the Law Office of Paul W. Rea, I offer detailed garnishment advice to clients throughout the Lincoln, southeastern an central Nebraska areas. With more than 25 years of experience addressing debt relief and bankruptcy concerns, I may be able to help you end garnishment and overwhelming debt through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Helping You Get Your Full Paycheck

With your best interests always in mind, I offer detailed advice on the proper strategies for ending garnishments following consumer debt judgments against you. Among the many benefits of the bankruptcy process is an automatic stop to wage garnishment, giving you your full paycheck while you work to end your debt worries.

Whether your checks are being garnished 25 percent as a single individual or 15 percent as head of household, ANY amount taken by your creditors is going to make it hard for you to afford your necessary living expenses. I can help you end the garnishment in as little as a few days by helping you complete your bankruptcy filing.

While bankruptcy can help you end garnishments enforced by creditors, it does not allow you to end garnishments relating to child support amounts. My bankruptcy guidance can help you create a more manageable financial situation, however, allowing you to make child support payments without worry over other unsecured debt balances, including credit cards, medical bills and personal or home loans.

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